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Throw Back Tuesday

It’s a Polish thing. There is a Publix supermarket a block away from my apartment complex in Nashville and I typically do my week’s shopping when they open at 7am on Monday or Tuesday.  While I am sure there are … Continue reading

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Time Flies

While working from home this week, I finally had some extra time to take the first steps to sorting through the hundreds, if not thousands of photographs and videos found around the condo after my mom died back in June. … Continue reading

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#TBT, Still Sighing, Ten Years Later

Ten years ago today, after over thirty years, I “retired” from emergency services. I think that most men and women who retire can tell you the exact day they hung up their gear for the last time. Techically, I resigned.  … Continue reading

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As the days, months and years click by, I often find myself thinking more about my past than I do my future. Let’s face it, I have more years behind me than I do in front of me, so maybe … Continue reading

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Occasionally, FB Is Useful

Not too long I ago, I attended a workshop for funeral directors who used FB for their businesses.   The presenter talked about the Good ‘ol Days when funeral homes (and many other businesses)  advertised in the town paper and in … Continue reading

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Heavy Anchors

Today was a fun day as I drove just over 300 miles.  Those that know me will understand that 300 miles is not all that much for me. Typically when I drive I listen to talk radio and occasionally podcasts, … Continue reading

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Over The Rainbow

It was on this date in 1939 that MGM premiered the iconic Wizard of Oz at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. The rest is, as they say, history. * When I hear Judy utter that line we all know so … Continue reading

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A Pleasant Surprise

TBT #1 I had a TBT post planned for this morning, but my attention was drawn away when I made a stop at Rob Firchau’s The Hammock Papers, ” during my morning reading. Described as “A Forest of Things,” Rob’s … Continue reading

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A Placeholder

My visit to New Jersey will probably come to an end on Monday, (as long as the governor doesn’t seal the state borders) and I will head back to Aiken. The week has flown by and dragged on at the … Continue reading

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That Left A Mark

I had forgotten about this tree, but was reminded the other day for no good reason. While in NJ visiting my mom, I remembered it…just like it was yesterday. If yesterday was Thursday, November 3, 1977. I was a Junior … Continue reading

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