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A Hot Night

In the mood for an “oldie” this evening. Jethro Tull has been around for over fifty years and the band’s catalog is all over the place with different genres.  This song, performed live in 2003 was released on the Crest … Continue reading

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Everyone Is from Somewhere

It has become a bit of a tradition for me, that like Alice’s Restaurant on Thanksgiving, I listen to “Another Christmas Song” on Christmas Day.  Often several times. Jethro Tull has never been known for sentimental, thought provoking lyrics,  but … Continue reading

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My Christmas Song

Maybe not a “real” Christmas song, but its my Christmas song. Originally found on the 1978,  Heavy Horses Album, with  a re-mastered version appearing on the 2003  Christmas Album.    (The re-mastered link is such a better version of the … Continue reading

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Everyone Is From Somewhere . . .

It was 1989 when the Rock Island Album was released and after hearing “Another Christmas Song” I said that someday, I would be the old man mentioned in the song. Thirty years later, with dad dying this year,  that prophecy … Continue reading

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Point The Way To Better Days

When I take the facts that it is cold, windy and just a few days before Christmas, I thought I would share my favorite song of my favorite Christmas Album. Temps in my part of South Carolina only got into … Continue reading

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The Long & Short Of It.

Tull, that is. I came across an article the other day that caught me by surprise. Even though I have been a fan of the band, Jethro Tull for over 40 years, I don’t recall hearing (even though I have … Continue reading

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