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Arlo Is In The House

Another year of ups and downs, victories and defeats. Another Thanksgiving. In memory of Tom & Nancy Hartmann, two of the best friends I ever had.  Tom introduced me to this song in 1978 and I still have the vinyl … Continue reading

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On Friends

Where have they all gone? I have been blogging for close to 13 years now and have made the acquaintance of folks all around the world.  During the same time however, most of my “In Real Life” friends have died, … Continue reading

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Tell Me How You Really Feel

Here is a lesson sent to me this morning by our middle daughter, the mother of our granddaughter. It was being passed around by some teachers.  The great oracle, Google, attributes it to Joey deVilla and about a dozen others. … Continue reading

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Saturday’s Are For Children, Memories Are For Boomers

Isn’t it interesting what we remember (and what we forget) about our childhood? As a little boy, I would get  up at 0700on Saturday mornings to watch Davey and Goliath (click on the link to see my favorite episode) on … Continue reading

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Share The Love

Bloggers, as a group are typically happy and engaging, eager to share our world with others. A few months ago, I mentioned having lunch with a blogging friend, Just Another Day.  This post includes a photo of Jim and me … Continue reading

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When In Doubt, Just Do It.

I had plans to write a series of vignettes this evening to share a variety of emotions that I am currently experiencing. It’s getting later and I’m tired, so I am going to pick just one to share. It is … Continue reading

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Just Another Day

I am safely back in South Carolina after my trip returning Mom home. And, as usual with such trips, I return with a story to tell. Some facts:  The trip, from start to finish took 17.5 hours.  (I left at … Continue reading

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A Throw Back Reminder

As I grow older, I find myself focusing on fewer activities and appreciating the simple things around me. Today, when I had a few extra minutes in between appointments, I stopped by the historic Elmwood Cemetery in Columbia to visit … Continue reading

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