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Celebrating Love

Last month, for Mother’s Day, my wife and I decided my gift to her would be taking out an additional, sizeable insurance policy on my life.  I was happy to oblige and made a nice commission since I sold myself … Continue reading

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A Dog Thing

  Big Red, with his ever-present tennis ball, circa 2017, which speaks to the cartoon below.

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Maybe Not A Good Idea

Being married would be a lot easier if our wives had tails so we could see if it was wagging or not after we said or did something.      

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Slightly Sub-Standard Security

Anyone besides me ever work in a place where this wouldn’t be considered unusual? Introducing the best and the brightest.

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Smart Cat

For my friends who insist on being staff for their cats. I immediately thought of Andrew. This would be his kind of cat.  

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Excellent Service Is Relative

You know your dog is living the good life when you arrange for a car service to ferry them from place to place, or do they do it on their own?. Big Red was looking over my shoulder while I … Continue reading

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Submitted For Your Approval

I am Northern by birth and Southern by the grace of God. Twenty-three years and counting in the Catywampus Zone.

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Since It Is Sunday

Here is an entertaining and insightful way to take on a common dilemma experienced by those trying to find a new, church family. John Crist is a funny guy. Funny without using the “F-Word” which seems to be a staple … Continue reading

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Assigning Roles

This week provided us with a glimpse of what to expect next in this crazy adventure we call parenting. We learned that the baby  our daughter Elissa (aka Jelly)  is carrying (via her husband, Cole)  is conclusively female, so now we can … Continue reading

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They Say Your Eyes Are The Second Thing To Go. Apparently Not True.

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

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