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With Great Appreciation

Two reminders here today. First, thank you for all the birthday wishes.  I have often joked that my wife wouldn’t be able to six guys to carry my casket, so I’m getting cremated.  With well over 700 birthday wishes across … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Adeline

Our first granddaughter, yesterday a baby, is today a toddler. Happy 1st birthday, sweet Adeline You have brought so much joy into our lives and taught us how to love at an entirely different level. I’m a lucky guy.

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A Decade Of Unconditional Love

Big Red and Mackenzie, aka “The Twins” are ten years old today. We first saw them a few days after they were born and its probably safe to say that they haven’t been apart for more than a few hours … Continue reading

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Maybe Next Month?

Happy 8-month birthday to our Adeline Louise….. Hopefully, we can see you for your 9th and thank goodness for FT in these days of staying at home and isolating.

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The New 30

Thanks for all the birthday wishes today.  They have been coming in from so many directions that I haven’t been able to keep track of them all. This is a big year for me and most of my classmates. 60, … Continue reading

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When In Doubt, Just Do It.

I had plans to write a series of vignettes this evening to share a variety of emotions that I am currently experiencing. It’s getting later and I’m tired, so I am going to pick just one to share. It is … Continue reading

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The Twins Turn 9!

Our twins, Big Red and MacKenzie turned 9 years old today.  We celebrated by sending them to the Doggie retreat for the day to get a good bath, their nails clipped and ears cleaned. Life’s simple pleasures. The story started … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday.

Two, noteworthy birthdays today. Our first born, Kelliann turns 31 and J.S. Bach was born on this day in 1685. I can’t imagine my life without either. Tull’s tribute to Bach. . . I’ll be on the road for a … Continue reading

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Where Does The Time Go?

Today is The Ides of March and the 24th birthday of our youngest daughter.  I suppose if Julius Ceaser had been alive and stabbed by Brutus today, he might be flown to a certain trauma center in Houston and if so, … Continue reading

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Thank You

Yesterday was my birthday. There was a time that 59 sounded like the age of an old man, but that has become a relative. Still, birthdays are better when you are younger. There is, however, some sense of accomplishment for … Continue reading

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