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An artist/author friend saw this photo of Adeline on Instagram and shared a quote with me: We are all artists. We begin as children Then we decide we aren’t. We each tried to  find out who to attribute the quote … Continue reading

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This photo, of the Sea of Galilee, was taken and texted to me by a friend who was visiting the Holy Land a few weeks back. I have been intrigued by the photo and have spent a good deal of … Continue reading

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On Worry

“Worry is nothing less than the misuse of your imagination” Ed Foreman. Who else smiles when they see the picture of Alfred E. Neuman and remembers the years of anxiously awaiting the next issue of MAD Magazine? I am sure my … Continue reading

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It has been said that you will be the same person in five years that you are today, except for the books you read and the people you associate with. I associate with people like Kurt Harden at CulturalOffering and … Continue reading

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Interdisciplinary​ Concepts

This is primarily for my South Carolina friends, but any of y’all are welcome to come. Music and musical performances of all types have been an important part of my life since I was a young boy. Little compares to experiencing … Continue reading

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Useful Trivia

Today I read that the name “Jessica” was made up by William Shakespeare for his play, The Merchant of Venice”.   Jessica was Shylock’s daughter. I remember studying this play as a freshman in High School. Thank you, Mary Dahms, … Continue reading

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Explains A Lot

The human brain remembers more negative memories than positive ones. This is due to the negativity bias the brain sets up as a defense mechanism. Boy, that explains a lot, huh?   Found on GoldenFact of the day

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Sunday Pipes #25 “A Prelude”

Well, it’s not really a prelude, but I picked the Russian National Anthem as a prelude to a performance I will be attending Sunday afternoon with our daughter, Elissa. Magnificent Russians And The Mighty Eight.   I have been looking … Continue reading

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Black Lab Friday

Here is the link to Dog Mountain.  If you are a dog fan, especially a “Lab” aficionado, click here:  Black Lab Friday Help keep Stephen’s memory alive!  

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Dogs Allowed (?)

I suppose there may be a Dogma or two violated here, but. . . “Heaven is people smiling and dogs playing” If it was only this easy. Stephen Huneck was a great artist and I was saddened after learning he … Continue reading

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