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On Envy

Envy was once considered to be one of the seven deadly sins before it became one of the most admired virtues under its new name, “social justice.” – Dr. Thomas Sowell Thanks to Bob McColl for sharing this with me.

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The Old & The New

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to spend a few hours with two of our three grandchildren, (and while ancillary to the story, our daughter and son-in-law).  Alicia was away with one of her friends, babysitting that friend’s grandson for the … Continue reading

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Who Knew The Actual Name?

On this day in 1810, Ludwig van Beethoven wrote one of his most famous compositions, the Bagatelle in A Minor. When I read the mention this morning in “Today in History,” I wondered why I had never heard of that?  … Continue reading

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A Hot Night

In the mood for an “oldie” this evening. Jethro Tull has been around for over fifty years and the band’s catalog is all over the place with different genres.  This song, performed live in 2003 was released on the Crest … Continue reading

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Remember When?

Anyone old enough to (and having grown up in the USA)  remember when? When we would watch “All in The Family”, laughing at Archie, Edith and “Meathead”? . . .  and people were not offended.  It was funny. When we … Continue reading

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Sunday Pipes #64

I  never knew the name of this piece, but recognized it after only a few seconds as the theme song from “Inspector Gadget”, amongst others. Alas, I digress. Edvard Grieg’s “In The Hall of The Mountain King” arranged and performed … Continue reading

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Let’s Walk

Thank you to Colleen over at the Chatter Master Blog for giving me permission to re-blog from her site. (I hope she remembers she did) There is plethora of wisdom over at her place,  served up daily in nice bite-size … Continue reading

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A Note To Some Of The Young Men Out There

Imagine the disapointment if a wolf knew it’s decendent would be a poodle. That’s how your grandfather feels when he sees your man-bun. That will be me someday, God willing.

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A Pipe, A Poem & A Poignant Memory

The world of blogging will introduce you to all sorts of interesting people to make you a smarter, better  informed person. All you have to do is look and open your mind.  For this discussion, I will include those that … Continue reading

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Sunday Pipes #63

Is there another piece more fitting for Easter Sunday? I doubt it. This version wasa selected as it reminded me of my Polish heritage . . . the traditions and foods that I reveled in as a child and miss … Continue reading

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