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Tuppence A Bag

I was going through one of my EHDs and came across a few pictures from my bird watching days.   I would spend hours sitting, waiting and hoping for a great shot. We see birds every day and hardly pay them … Continue reading

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Live From New York, It’s 13 Lessons

13 Lessons A Bronx Tale Can Teach You For several years, the famous barfight from the movie kept showing up in my Youtube Feed and I must admit I watched it time and time again. It was a pretty intense … Continue reading

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Well, It Is Wednesday Night

A Little Night Music, aka Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, aka Serenade #13 in G Major,  is a 1787 composition by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. (1756-1791) It was not published however, until 1827, long after Mozart’s death at age 35. Regarded as Mozart’s … Continue reading

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Bloggers, Readers & Fools

Bloggers come and bloggers go. Readers come and readers go. Bloggers don’t always blog Readers don’t always read. “Sometimes we forget that God knows our hearts better than we do”   Yesterday, I was scanning through my various feeds and … Continue reading

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How A Drink & A Song Got Their Name

Elissa took this picture the other morning while visiting #IOP. I am of the age that on this TBT, I  immediately thought of two things that shared the same name. How could I not? A drink from my early bar-hopping … Continue reading

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Kobayashi Maru

A few weeks back, I was talking to a colleague who I  respect and enjoy being around. We were sharing  the ups and downs of each of our careers over the years and my friend brought up how we often … Continue reading

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Not A Hill Of Beans

Many years ago I was taught a poem by my mentor and friend, Todd VanBeck. It is a poem that shares the the experience of the life’s work I have chosen and toiled at. This afternoon I was reminded of … Continue reading

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Giving In

Since giving up television six weeks ago, I have spent some of my down time watching  YouTube videos… some full length movies and some shorter video clips.  Many of those videos are musical and range from Gregorian Chant to Buxtehude … Continue reading

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Aside from my grandchildren, this is one of the most beautiful photographs I ever recall seeing. I cannot stop looking at it. I’ll leave it at that. Thanks to bluehome91, in-my-minds-eye-2349 & mutant-distraction

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An Essential Characteristic

The essential characteristic of philosophy, which makes it a study distinct from science, is criticism. It examines critically the principles employed in science and in daily life; it searches out any inconsistencies there may be in these principles, and it … Continue reading

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