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The Tradition Continues

Ever since Tom and Nancy Hartmann introduced me to this song  some 41 years ago, not a Thanksgiving has passed that I have not played it. I still have a vinyl album that Tom gave me. Now, since they are … Continue reading

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Going, Going, Almost Gone

My favorite tree  is almost bare. “The seasons change and so do I”…… (lyric to a song I can’t recall the name of.)

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That Smell

No, not the song by Lynyrd Skynyrd, but a smell that triggered a few fond memories, but first. . . In just a few weeks, I’ll begin my 12th year of blogging and while I am no longer committed to … Continue reading

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Santa On The Highway To . . .

What does Santa Clause do on the other 364 days of the year? Well, for one thing, he does a mean Bon Scott impersonation. No, really. Listen to this  guy…especially if you are an AC/DC fan He also gives Neal … Continue reading

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Friday Humor, Maybe?

What’s red and is bad for your teeth? A Brick. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Dad Was Way Ahead Of The Crowd

My father was way ahead of the crowd. Over the last few months and prior to all the election craziness, we were seeing and hearing about #TheTalk.  The narrative was that the situation with police violence against young blacks had … Continue reading

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TBT 11/5/2020

I found this photo that is probably around 20 years old.  (Remember the bulky, Sony digital cameras you put a hard, floppy disc in?  Maybe it was the old, AE-1?  I ) I believe this was during a Convention held … Continue reading

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Objects In The Mirror. . .

I stumbled on this video and felt that it portrays Steve’s career as a songwriter/guitarist/singer and was worthy of posting In the song, he references my favorite Forbert  tune, January 23-30, 1978 with . . . “It’s often said that … Continue reading

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After years of being applauded for being extremely pro-democrat/anti-republican, Saturday Night Live shocked it’s audience (at least they should have been shocked)  with the opening skit on Saturday night. Being an old guy, I haven’t stayed up late enough to … Continue reading

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The Moon Is Full

Halloween night and the moon is full. What else would  would you expect to hear? E Power Biggs died in 1977, but his legacy lives on (much to the chagrin of Virgil Fox fans) as one of the greatest organists … Continue reading

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