A New View

One thing I will not miss about being in the Charleston area are the ridiculously large number of shipping containers that are on their way to and from the port and just scattered/stored about the area

All things considered, the two and a half years I spent there was a positive experience.  As the owner of the company said more than once, I left the location I was responsible for in much better shape than I found it. What more can I ask for?

Earlier this week, I began  my journey as the president of a new company/division for a small, but growing company, based in Nashville, TN.  A non-disclosure agreement, prevents me from saying more at this time, but rest assured I’m having more fun this week than I have had in quite awhile.

So, while I won’t be taking any more morning walks on the beach for the foreseeable future,  I’m pretty sure I’ll find some things to do here and write about if I was to get bored.


About Ray V.

Living between Aiken & Nashville, TN, USA, I like to share what I am looking at, thinking about or listening to. I refer to this as the view out my window. Thanks for stopping by.
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5 Responses to A New View

  1. John C Bradley says:

    I used to make deliveries to businesses near Port Newark, and some of then had HUGE stacks of containers on the grounds like this one.

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  2. Edwin Maino says:

    Ray, I wish you all the best in your new position

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  3. Congratulations – I hear there is plenty to do in Nashville.


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