The Lighthouse

The continent was limited and finite. Extending beyond into the North Atlantic, as if by an afterthought or the remnant of a retreat, there was a solitary stone islet. Barely a hundred yards in diameter, it looked at first glance to be a barren place, though it was a nesting ground for seabirds and was visited by seals at times. Its forbidding circumference of black boulders had been hard pounded by the ocean for countless millennia, though above high-water mark, a shallow turf rose to a prometory upon which stood a lighthouse.

Opening paragraph from Michael D. O’Brien’s, The Lighthouse.

Michael O’Brien has easily been my favorite novelist since I first read Father Elijah back in 1998.  I’m looking forward to enjoying this 2020 release that somehow I have missed up until now.

What are you reading?



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7 Responses to The Lighthouse

  1. “Walking With Spring” by Earl V. Shaffer.

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  2. Greg Taylor says:

    Reading ” The Longest Silence” by Thomas McGuane and “The Thousand Hour Day” by W.S. Kuniczak. I’ll take a look at Michael O’Brien.

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    • Ray V. says:

      O’Brien is hard for me to describe. His novels, often set in remote areas, tend to deal with good vs evil. He is “orthodox” Catholic and brings some of that to his stories. He writes of times and places that I’m not familiar with, but when done with the book, I feel as if these are places I’ve lived my entire life . . . Or want to. Lighthouse is one of his shorter novels at 200 pages and I made my way through approx 130 pages this weekend and will complete it next Saturday. I will make a note to look into the authors/books you mentioned. Thanks.


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