Just Call The Whole Thing Off?

Rome is burning and Nero keeps playing his fiddle

(Maybe, The Devil Went Down to Georgia?)

When I first read the article below, I thought maybe it was from The Onion or Babylon Bee...it was that far “out there”.

Sadly however, it is real and true. Thank you to Paul Mirengoff  of Power Line for penning these three pieces.

I am reminded of the atheletes that play for United State’s sports teams, yet criticize our Country, figuratively  biting the hand that feeds them.  I wrote about that here a few years ago.

Part one of the three articles begin with the required virtue signalling:

Ballet is rooted in white supremacy and perfectionism. We are all entering this space with a mindset that what we see as perfect is a white standard. Unlearning that will be difficult but rewarding. Before we begin detailing our action plan, we want to acknowledge that our leadership and those who composed this plan are all white.

The last sentence comes as no surprise. Could black students have written anything this ridiculous? Other than as a parody of the white left, I mean.  (taken from the article).

As I read the articles, I just became more and more amazed, and saddened by the idiocy of what they are wanting to do.   Here is one more pull quote from Part One.  If this does not get you to want to read the rest of the article (s), I don’t know what will.

We would also like to open a conversation about body image and take steps to heal and deconstruct the harmful and racialized ideas about body image that many of PUB’s (Princeton University Ballet)  members enter the company with just by virtue of being a ballet dancer. Historically, PUB has been neutral on this issue, and while body neutrality is something some may strive for individually, it is not realistic or helpful for a group of ballet dancers who have internalized damaging ideas about how they should eat and what they should look like. We are hoping to bring someone in from outside the company to train the officers or the company as a whole on how to talk about body image and how to create an environment where we feel comfortable talking about our struggles with body image while also helping to deconstruct our assumptions about it.

Wouldn’t it better just to call the whole thing off?

Probably not thinking about being a Priceton Balllerina.

Aside from not really making sense,  (looks like the requirements for Princeton no longer include being able to convey cogent thoughts with the written word).

Body image and ballet dancers? Are they also maybe suggesting that guys who are 5-1 and 220 lbs be allowed to make millions playing in the NBA? Maybe we should just call anything athletic off?

Woke Ballet at Princeton, Part One

The saga continues with Part Two and the “Action Tool” used  to define club status at Princeton. It is very revaling and involves not even a modicum of common sense.

Woke Ballet at Princeton, Part Two

Then, as planned, everyone is equal.

Woke Ballet at Princeton, Part three

A quick search indicates the cost for spending a year at Princeton University is $50,000. . .  give or take a few dollars.  How can one look at that as a good investment, considering the drivell that  is being taught there?

How can anyone belive this is good? (And don’t comment unless you have read all three parts)

Thank you to Suzanna Pavlovsky for sharing Part One with me.

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Living between Aiken & Charleston,, South Carolina, USA, I like to share what I am looking at, thinking about or listening to. I refer to this as the view out my window. Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. lulu says:

    I can’t even think how to respond to this. Surely, there is some good intent that I’m failing to see.

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