Simple, Yet Profound

I found this gem while doing my morning read.  Those of you that know my blogging community will not be surprised that I found this over at CulturalOffering.

I decided, upon reading the story that I would be re-blogging it this evening.

As the day wore on, I heard several references to this article in the news.

It is a  level-headed voice in a sea of hysteria.

Take a few minutes and open your mind and read, Differences of Opinion.

Be sure to click on the link, Why, Thank you, in the story.


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4 Responses to Simple, Yet Profound

  1. petespringerauthor says:

    I have many friends on either side of the aisle. I consider myself to be a moderate democrat. I think there is way too much of a “we vs. them” attitude in politics these days. There have been plenty of examples of bad behavior from individuals in all parties, so trying to lump all people in one convenient bundle the way some do is ignorant.

    I prefer to look at individuals rather than parties when I’m voting for someone. I voted for Reagan, and I voted for Obama. For some, they may automatically assume they can label me by that. It wasn’t long ago that many politicians spoke for “family values.” I mean, who doesn’t like family? Well, not everyone, but that’s another topic.

    I have many wonderful friends who are on the right. They are good people, and although I disagree with many of their political views, that doesn’t make me feel differently about them. On the other hand, if they acted like President Trump (bragging about groping women, having no shame at making fun of others in cruel ways, and telling more lies (documented by unbiased sources) than any President in history, I probably would not be friends with them. I can say the same for Hillary and some of the Democrats, so this is not about party.

    It is nearly impossible to find unbiased television anymore. CNN and MSNBC are clearly biased as is Fox. I just hope whatever candidates we elect in the future (even in they don’t match our own views) understand that character matters. The way we treat other people matters, and our children are learning from the way we act It’s much more than ideology.

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    • Ray V. says:

      I agree, but if I can make what some might consider a biased observation, the democrats/liberals have the network media on their side. A case in point is the awarding of the Medal of a Freedom to Rush Limbaugh. The media went berserk, claiming he was not worthy of being in the company of John Glenn, Mother (now Saint) Teresa, Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks. What they overlook mentioning is that the list also includes the likes of Robert DiNiro, Barbara Streisand, Bruce Springsteen, Julia Child, Lorne Michaels and Tiger Woods. President Obama (according to Wikipedia) was the president who gave out the most at 123 awards…. many to celebrities who outwardly supported him . Knowing facts like that makes the headlines about a Trump and Limbaugh a little less impactful. Unfortunately, the divisions in our Country will probably continue to get worse and very well may end in a real civil war.

      Thank you for your thoughts…..RJV

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  2. Jim Borden says:

    thanks for sharing the article, Ray. It was thought-provoking. I think we can find radicals in both political parties, but the majority of both parties are good people. I’d say that four years ago Trump was spreading a message of doom and gloom, and still likes to spread a message of fear. But he certainly likes to push his pro-American viewpoint which is what most people who support him like to hear. Somehow the right tries to stake out the claim that they are pro-American while the left is not. I think both sides could make a similar claim, but such a claim only represents the people at the extremes of both ideologies. I think the vast majority of liberals and conservatives love America.

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