Building Bench Strength

Often, when asked why we have had so many dogs, I would use the term “We are building bench strength. The older dogs teach the younger dogs the routines of our home and what is and what isn’t acceptable behavior.” (Most of the time, anyway).

I wrote about the theory here:  Sunday Night, Dog Night on the old blog.

Having a second dog also provides companionship when the humans aren’t around.

Our soon to be married daughter fostered, then rescued Martha three years ago, when she was a 5-week old puppy whose mother had been hit by a car. Megan and her fiance Andrew, recently rescued “Winnie,” now almost 4 months old, who one day will probably dwarf her older sister.

Today, they were spied, Martha teaching Winnie how to guard the property by watching, and occasionally barking at any passers-by on Revere Street.

The old teaching the young.

As it should be.

Winnie, (L), learning how to be a wireless, alarm system.

And a different view….I think they are getting along just fine.



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16 Responses to Building Bench Strength

  1. I get it – you don’t teach old dogs new tricks, rather the old dog teaches the tricks. Good plan.

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  2. SueW says:

    Thirty years ago at the other side of the farm track two ponies grazed in a paddock belonging to the neighbours. In a paddock at our side of the track we also had two ponies. We also had a Golden Labrador who each morning took it upon herself to go over the track and bark three times at the neighbours ponies, our ponies were ignored.

    Then we rescued a young dog and Sandy the Labrador taught the young one her morning routine. Eventually, the ponies moved on, Sandy died and we rescued another young pup. Over the years Four dogs in total were taught the morning routine by each older dog,
    Every morning they went over the track and barked at an empty field and with no idea why they were doing so!

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  3. Debra says:

    How wonderful to see the camaraderie between the two. They are both just delightful!

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  4. Jim Borden says:

    great post, great photos!


  5. You really need to have a “love” button on this post.

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