What Is Happening?

The numbers keep increasing.

How can this continue to happen?

The staistics and some resources can be found on

No Heat Stroke

It’s a good site.

The Weather Channel (which I have watched since shortly after it’s inception in 1982, but have almost completely stopped watching because of their radical, political agendas) has really gone off the rails this time. Saturday morning, I caught part of  a segment where they were trying to explain how otherwise responsible grownups can leave their babies/children in a hot car and how some parents who have done so, are blaming the auto manufacturers for not solving the problem.


I’m typically an understanding and sensitive guy, especially after all my years in funeral service and fire/EMS.  But, what has happened to personal responsibility?

Some kids got into vehicles on their own and some were left behind  by parents/caretakers. For those left hehind to broil to death, I wonder if those charged with caring for them forgot and left their smartphone in the vehicle also?

Maybe I’m over reacting a bit, but I’m perplexed.

Lots of very smart people out in the blogosphere.  What am I missing?

Can anyone explain this?


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Living in Aiken, South Carolina, USA, I like to share what I am looking at, thinking about or listening to. I refer to this as the view out my window. Thanks for stopping by.
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11 Responses to What Is Happening?

  1. You’re missing nothing – some people are idiots and need to be held personally responsible.


  2. Jim Borden says:

    I can’t explain it, it’s tragic. But I can share a story. I remember several years ago driving to the local library with my oldest son, a friend of his, and my youngest son, who was probably about two years old at the time. We were just dropping off a book, and we ran into the library to do so, and were back outside in less than five minutes. When we got back to the car, it was then I realized that I had completely forgotten that I had left my two-year old was in the car. Fortunately, it wasn’t the middle of summer, but he was screaming and obviously upset. I was shaken to say the least, and I think of it every time I hear one of these stories about toddlers overheating in a car. Sometimes, I’m sure, it’s a simple mistake, but one with deadly consequences. I can’t imagine the anguish the parents must feel in such situations.


  3. Dale says:

    There is ZERO reason to EVER leave a child in a car. I am flabbergasted every time I hear another has done it. Truly? Do you not see the news? Wake up!
    It makes me so angry I could spit. Blame the cars… honestly.

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  4. josiesvoice says:

    Leaving a very young child alone in a car is never an option.Usually it happens unintentionally by the adult caretaker but the outcome is usually worse—bad weather,car-napping,kidnapping,etc.Best case scenario is nothing bad happened to the child.Blaming the auto industry is too lame and flimsy and just deflecting the one really at fault.

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  5. There is no way that you, or anyone else, will ever explain human stupidity. It seems to be on the increase and is most prolific in first world countries. Pollution? Chemicals? Drugs? Food? Social breakdown?
    Who knows?

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  6. Claudia says:

    I just agree with everyone else here. I have no words. Thank you for bringing this into discussion. If there even IS a discussion.

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  7. Margy says:

    Natural Selection is no longer allowed to happen.

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  8. SueW says:

    It’s against the law here to leave unattended babies in the car but I don’t think it extends to older children. We hear more about dogs suffering the heat than we do of unattended children.

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