Assigning Roles

Jelly, backstage with Comedian John Crist in Aiken on 3/15/2019

This week provided us with a glimpse of what to expect next in this crazy adventure we call parenting.

We learned that the baby  our daughter Elissa (aka Jelly)  is carrying (via her husband, Cole)  is conclusively female, so now we can stop referring to the baby as “it” and start using “her” and “she.”

Elissa is around 20 weeks along and we are anticipating the next 18weeks or so, looking forward to the fruition of the phenomenon referred to as being a grandparent.

I’m told it is pretty cool and we are off to a good start.

Monty Python is an acquired taste,  but they were way ahead of the “woke crowd” back in 1983 when the movie, The Meaning of Life was released.

You’ll need to watch the video, “Part 1. Birth” to the end to see what I mean.



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3 Responses to Assigning Roles

  1. joyce hoffmann says:

    Funny, but unfortunately some of it is so true. I had to admit more than one female in labor who was accompanied by at least 2 or 3 other females from school and at least 4 or 5, guys with radios, etc. (before iphones) bags of snacks, cola, etc. ready for the party. Years later I still wondered which one was actually the father.

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  2. l will tell you true Ray….being a grandparent is wonderful. Kind of like a do-over but so much better. Looks like you have 20 weeks to hone up on those skills you will need to teach that granddaughter….like how to spit watermelon seeds really far, make odd noises, skip in the store or down the sidewalk when there are lots of people around watching….all those wonderful things that parents forget to teach kids.

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  3. Live & Learn says:

    Wow. That’s great Ray. Congrats!

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