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My trusty MacBook Air is over seven years old and while it has served me well through the years, I can tell the end is near.  The last time I had some minor work performed on it, the tech told me that the hardware won’t be able to keep up with the software updates and maybe will be able to support one, maybe two more before it just gives up.

We are past the second update.

My question is what do I replace it with?  After sixteen years as a “Mac guy” I can’t imagine switching, especially since I am tortured by my work, HP laptop. But I don’t need a $2,000.00 machine or even a $1,200.00 machine.

Aside from e-mails and web watching, the only operation I perform on my personal laptop these days is blogging and occasional word processing.  I’m thinking of switching to an iPad with a blue tooth keyboard and was wondering if any of my fellow bloggers, especially WP users, have experience and advice?

I’m listening.

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Living between Aiken & Nashville, TN, USA, I like to share what I am looking at, thinking about or listening to. I refer to this as the view out my window. Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. David says:

    My 10-year old MBP finally died a few weeks ago – I had passed it onto my youngest. He struggled to do everything he needed on an iPad (no flash player on Safari, which stopped him doing some online tests in a job application). In the end he went for a MB Air with 256gb SSD on a Black Friday deal – but the model with USB 3 rather than USB C. It would be difficult to compare prices as in the US Apple machines always seem cheaper. I have wondered for a while if an iPad alone would suffice but I am not convinced yet. Been using Apple since 1988 – I really couldn’t tolerate using Windows!

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    • Ray V. says:

      Thanks for the perspective. I’m leaning towards the iPad as I can always use the windows machine in a pinch. The iPad is roughly half the price of an Air, plus it’s more portable. Of course, the final decision is up to the senior Vice President of cash…. my wife.

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      • David says:

        That’s the appeal of the iPad. I changed from the 15″ MBP down to the 13″ version four years ago because I was tired of lugging the heavier machine around and my son was in need. I shall run with the 13″ until it gives up the ghost and then see where Apple are with products. If it lasts ten years like the 15″ I should be fully retired by then and in less need of computing power. Perhaps the kids will then start passing their machines down to me instead of the other way round as it has been!

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      • Ray V. says:

        Mine is the 13” MBA. I’ll keep you posted on decisions. Cheers.

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  2. We Mac users really do make a rod for our own backs don’t we. Once bitten, never prised away. I have an iMac, MacBook 12″, an early iPad, and an iPhone, so there is never any way that I’ll revert to windows. The iMac is only ever used by my wife. The MacBook practically lives on my lap when I’m at home, and even sometimes when I’m out! I’m on my second battery pack and that is now showing as needing to be serviced. Hey ho! More costly upkeep!
    I have a bluetooth keyboard for the iPad, but have never been happy with it, although it is a cheap one.
    The comment about UK vs USA prices is very valid. They tend to be an equal 1:1 rate and cost as many pounds as they do dollars. I reckon we are subsidising you!!!
    Have you looked at the new iPad Pro? Very nice, but costly!

    Good luck with the choice. Sods law states that as soon as you buy you will see something that would have suited better!


  3. Hard for me to imagine what would be so torturous in using an HP laptop for the chores you describe – there are several options for under $500 if all you need is a computer. Maybe it is just configuration options.

    I have a tablet which is fine for setting on the couch, looking-in on email or surfing the net but a laptop with a big enough screen to see and a mouse to navigate is my absolute minimum for getting work done. Give me a desk and chair, keyboard, mouse and at least two big-ol’ screens and I am ready to spend the day.

    For what you describe, Android has perfectly acceptable options (plus the whole learning curve phase.) You will have to revisit which software updates are causing you to upgrade your hardware now… if it is just the OS then that’s just mean. All computers will allow you to do those task you describe but I would seriously think twice about living in a touch-screen world – that’s just me.

    Best wishes with whatever you decide 😀


  4. my wife has been using iPad for about 8 years and loves it. She does all her stuff on it – email, web, videos, games. etc. I just replaced her old one for about $700 with a mid range one. I’ve not tried WP on it, but it should work fine. Your other choice is to look at Apple’s refurbished/use systems. Sometimes you can get a deal on a returned system (you still get a good warranty). I think an iPad/keyboard would be a good combo for you.

    I still use a MAC book, but then my employer pays for that. I have an iMac desktop that I got refurbished about 2 years ago for $1,100, but I also do CAD work for my woodworking and a lot of writing that is uncomfortable to on on a laptop.

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  5. joyce hoffmann says:

    All I have is an iPad with lots of storage and Blue tooth keyboard. Mine is now about 3 yrs old. Probably will get another one next year. My grandson is a computer expert and years ago that is what he recommended. And I am sure the VP of finance would be OK with the cost. Remember Apple service in their stores will set up the new one a d also sometimes they will give you credit for the old one. Win Win.

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  6. Live & Learn says:

    You have some informed advice from your Readers Ray. iPad is highly effective for email and videos. However, the moment you need to engage in any sort of video or photo editing, it can be challenging. Or any type of business content (powerpoint, excel/spreadsheets), this can be challenging (and Apple refurbished mac that was suggested above is a good option)

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  7. Stephen Landry says:

    I just ran across this article with suggestions for using an iPad as a laptop replacement:

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