Scratching My Head And Sighing

What is going on with parents leaving infants in cars to roast to death?

Rarely will I cite CNN as a source, but I found:

More than 36 kids die in hot cars every year and July is usually the deadliest month


Simply mind boggling.   th-1

More amazing is the fact that I have seen a few news reports that suggest that putting something important in the back seat will help you remember that the baby is there.



What can be more important than your child?

Your cell phone?

Your lunch?

Your briefcase?

Your gym bag?

I recall seeing a news story on The Weather Channel where a young, professional couple were being interviewed after the mother left her baby in the car for a day in Cincinnati. They were discussing the events leading up to their baby’s death just like it was a little mistake. I saw no emotion, no regret. No pain.

Has it really come to this?

Has the value of a human life been diminished to this extreme?

What the hell is going on?

You don’t believe me?  Watch this 2-minute news report, suggesting you might be more likely to remember your cell phone is in the back seat than you are your baby.

I kid you not.


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10 Responses to Scratching My Head And Sighing

  1. Debra says:

    I’m with you on this! I heard a report that there’s an app a parent can have to remind them that their child is in the back seat when they go to lock their car! I almost choked! I cannot begin to accept that anyone should need an app for that. Every year we hear these tragic outcomes and I cannot imagine living with that consequence. But how in the world it happens in the first place is just beyond me!

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  2. Candice says:

    Unbelievable! Though there weren’t cell phones when my kids were small, I don’t think I would have forgotten my children in the car.


  3. josiesvoice says:

    Too many distractions like cell phones for example that not only distracts you from focusing on more important matters like watching your kids but also can be addicting as well. It really makes such folks not use their brains to be focused and attentive at all times especially with regards to parenting. In my opinion, this titters on parental neglect and might warrant a call to a social worker if this situation still continues.

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  4. I cannot wrap my thoughts around this. I agree…WHAT is more important than the baby in the back seat.

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  5. Osyth says:

    I appreciate the kind remark from the reporter that loving parents can be sleep deprived and therefore forget their child is on the backseat but he then goes on to postulate that if they leave a cell phone or briefcase on the backseat it will act as a trigger that they have overlooked the baby. Really? How on earth can we possibly have ended up in a situation where people are more bonded to communication devices than their own children. Forget the outside temperature – I am boiling with rage.

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  6. Sue W says:

    On the surface it all appears very simple and It simply boils down to what kind of parent you are, or how much you care. Or does it? There have to be other issues involved here. Learning difficulties perhaps? Not sure what the politically correct phrase is over with you. This used to be called mentally handicapped until the phrase was understandably outlawed.

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  7. Morguie says:

    People these days seem too wrapped up in themselves or otherwise self-important that they manage to ‘forget’ their children in lots of situations…Even if my kids had fallen to sleep in the back seat, I always knew I had them in the car…I cannot understand how someone could go an entire workday or whatever….then there are those whose motives are purely for selfish indulgence — like the one who left baby locked in car overnight while she went up to ‘party’ and somehow fell asleep, not waking til midday the next afternoon…
    An observation I could not help forming over the years: dumb-a**es seem to be ‘fertile myrtles’ who have loads of kids with no baby daddies in the picture and no way to support or nurture them appropriately…yet, so many people who desperately want to have children seem to have the most difficult time conceiving or are unable to have a baby at all…so sad.

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