One Down, Two to Go

This is the beginning of a few stories (and photos) from my first attempt at being the father of the bride.

Below is a  photo of  the newly minted Mrs. Creech and I having the “Father-Daughter Dance”

Elissa picked out a Darius Rucker song, which you can hear below.

I will note that the gold-framed sunglasses hanging from my pocket were a prop from when we were introduced.  My bad for not removing them for the dance, but I was on autopilot.

For the record, I lost about a half pound yesterday. . .  from lots of happy tears, but I gained a wonderful son-in-law.



About Ray V.

Living between Aiken & Charleston,, South Carolina, USA, I like to share what I am looking at, thinking about or listening to. I refer to this as the view out my window. Thanks for stopping by.
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12 Responses to One Down, Two to Go

  1. You do look a very proud (and very smart) Daddy there, and who’s that gorgeous lady you are with? Good music choice too. May they have a long, happy, and healthy marriage together.

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  2. josiesvoice says:

    Congrats,Ray! To further commemorate your dance with your daughter, I recommend the late Luther Vandross’ song—Dance With My Father.

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  3. Kurt Harden says:

    Congratulations and Best Wishes to the bridge and groom.


  4. shelie27 says:

    Congratulations, to all. Stunning, and the dress too!

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  5. Congratulations to you and your family Ray! It looks like it was an amazing celebration. I get to celebrate the wedding of my last single son this coming summer!


  6. lisanne3015 says:

    What a beautiful bride! I know your heart was happy!

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  7. P & J says:

    Beautiful bride and handsome father! Congratulations to all!

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  8. Osyth says:

    What an absolutely heartbreakingly perfect choice of song Elissa made. You look SO proud, she SO happy. I wish her joy and peace and love and laughter in a long long marriage to her one true love. And you I wish the content that comes from knowing you did a wonderful job and you will always be number one in her eyes

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  9. steve says:

    Well done, all around. S

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  10. Beautiful song and a wonderful memory to hang on to, and you know, she’ll always belong to her daddy. Warmest wishes to you and many congratulations to Elissa and her new husband.

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  11. By the looks of that photo I’d say that you nailed the gig.

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