Binge Day, Check

I just finished watching season four of the Peaky Blinders series on NETFLIX.

The New York Times says this about Season Four.

Thanks to our daughter Elissa and her fiance (until they marry two weeks from today) Cole for introducing me to this show.  I must admit, I have never immersed myself in any TV series that I can recall, but I’m all in with the Peaky Blinders.

The third season was a bit disappointing, but season four made up for it and then some, with the sixth and final episode of this season having more twist and turns than one would think possible.

As of now, season five will film in mid-2018.  Me, along with a few million others will be waiting for the


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12 Responses to Binge Day, Check

  1. Claudia says:

    I have been eyeballing that series on Netflix for a while now. Think its time I dove in!

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    • Ray V. says:

      I’d recommend you start at the beginning..,, it all ties together over time. They do have liberal applications of the F word, so be prepared. The series is compelling and addictive. Let me know what you think

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  2. From day one I couldn’t get into this series therefore never watched the others.

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  3. Me too! Entire season in less than 2 days.

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  4. E. says:

    I’ve got some catching up to do. I did watch the first two seasons some time back and enjoyed. E.

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