A Little Dark. . .


A little dark, but cute nonetheless. This is what it might look like if the tables were turned for a day. (This photo came from  the late Gerard Vlemmings, who was a blogging visonary with his The Presurfer Blog.)

What would they be listening to as they opened their humans?  Trans Siberian Orchestra, of course.  (I’ve seen them live on three occasions. By far, the best shows I have ever been to and you should catch them if you can)


About Ray V.

Living in Aiken, South Carolina, USA, I like to share what I am looking at, thinking about or listening to. I refer to this as the view out my window. Thanks for stopping by.
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8 Responses to A Little Dark. . .

  1. Claudia says:

    I have heard TSO once and am going December 29th. The most magical rock-infused version of Christmas ever! Happy holidays to you, my friend.

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  2. Reblogged this on Peter's pondering and commented:
    Dark, but cute post from Ray, with an added bonus of great music and a link to a blogger who sadly died in February 2017. It’s well worth a look at Gerard Vlemming’s site, if only his last full post on 9th February, just before his death on 25th.

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  3. Love it. Happy Holidays

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  4. Debra says:

    I have a “dream” of one day seeing Trans-Siberian Orchestra live! I just can’t seem to find a schedule that works for me, although they come to Los Angeles each year! One day. I would love it!

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  5. Seeing TSO in real life is on my bucket list! It is the music I put on when it is time to decorate for Christmas or wrap Christmas gifts.

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    • Ray V. says:

      My 61 year old cousin in NJ saw them for the first time last night. Over a two-hour show! He’s been to many concerts in NYC and he said this was the best. I’ve seen them 3 times….all outstanding. Don’t wait, get it done

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