A Well Deserved Honor

. . . and long overdue.

Congratulations to Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits for finally being inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, Class of 2018.

A well deserved honor for one of the very best guitarists and bands of my lifetime.

With all the hits set aside, there is such a catalogue of great music that never made the charts.  Below is one of those songs,  performed live,  33 years after it’s release.

I do not know why, but Telegraph Road  always brought (and still does bring)  a tear to my eyes.

Bravo, Mark.


About Ray V.

Living in Aiken, South Carolina, USA, I like to share what I am looking at, thinking about or listening to. I refer to this as the view out my window. Thanks for stopping by.
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10 Responses to A Well Deserved Honor

  1. Osyth says:

    It just shows how foolish it is to assume … I just never thought that they weren’t already inducted in to the HoF. As you say – hugely over due. That is a great choice of track. I would be hard pressed to choose a favourite but if forced I would say ‘Romeo and Juliet’ 🌹

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    • Ray V. says:

      Romeo and Juliet is my favorite also and I posted it once before at my old blog. It came at a time when my first love dumped me. So many great songs that its difficult to pick a favorite.

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      • Osyth says:

        Snap! Me too! I guess that’s why I love it so much BUT I do think it has perfect and clever lyrics and a brilliant melody. In fact I am now going to play it. You have put me in the mood for a total Dire Straits fest this evening 🙂

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  2. I can never quite get used to how certain tracks and certain tones affect our emotions, not many of us are immune to this. As for me the guitar always affects me. My late husband played base and one of my grandsons has taken his guitars, joined a band and is following in his footsteps.

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    • Ray V. says:

      That’s great. I have been slowly selling my gear because I’m not playing in a band and my girls don’t play. I wish I had someone to pass it on to. Basis good, because guitar players are a time a dozen. A good bass player is a marketable commodity

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  3. And so many base players are great song writers too!

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  4. E. says:

    Well deserved indeed. He’s a master. E.

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  5. janowrite says:

    So glad to hear this! About time! I have played and replayed both my Dire Straits and Mark K. cd’s til they’re paper-thin! He is simply brilliant! Know what you mean re: Telegraph Road. Also love the work he did with Emmy Lou Harris on the All The Roadrunning album. Thanks for posting!

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